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I2 Transparent Colour Acrylic Itomaki  installation work included 装着工事付き

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 Transparent acrylic itomakis in your choice of colour.
 Why not coordinate your shamisen with the colour of your choice?

 This product is a set of three.

 If you would like to request the attachment of the itomakis to Tenjin, please be sure to check the following information and message us with the style you would like to request.


■ Please check the number in the picture as the position of the itomaki differs from your style.


Tsugaru Style

A- 1 no ito (thickest string)

B- 2 no ito (middle string)

C- 3 no ito (thinnest string)


Edo Style

A- 1 no ito (thickest string)

B- 3 no ito (thinnest string)

C- 2 no ito (middle string)


 ■ Please also check whether or not you put the wick in the itomakis.
The string will be stronger and more comfortable to turn if you put it in.

The transparent colour is further enhanced when the wicks are not included.


■ Please check the amount of your bill as there will be a shipping charge to return the Tenjin with the itomaki attached.

 Please note that slight variations in colour shade may occur due to the manufacturing process.





A- 一の糸 (太い弦)
B- 二の糸 (中の弦)
C- 三の糸   (細い弦)

A- 一の糸 (太い弦)
B- 三の糸   (細い弦)
C- 二の糸 (中の弦)