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X ◆Ezo-KAWAHARI Ezofuji japan Special Price!!

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Professional performer Masahiro Nitta's original research has resulted in the best synthetic skin pasting ever.

Please give it a try.

If you would like to have your shamisen skin Kawahari (reupholstering of leather), please fill in the following information by email, or fax or print out the order sheet and pack it with your dou when you send it to us.


□ Required information

① Your name
② Postal code
③ Shipping address
④ Phone number


□ Reupholstered part
① Is the skin to be reupholstered front or back?
② Selection of finish
A. Rock style
B. Old-fashioned style
C. Balanced style

Reference sound URL


□ Reupholstery fee (including tax) for Tsugaru shamisen 
① Front: Usually $275 → Discount $165
② Back: Usually $165 → Discount $110
③ Both sides: Usually  $385 → Discount $253


□ About sending by post
① Please send only the dou to us by prepaid postage.
② If you cannot send only the dou, please send the shamisen as it is.
③ Please pay the shipping costs in advance when you send it to us.
④ The return postage is $35 (for those outside Japan).
⑤ When sending, please write 'musical instrument' in the item name and tell the sender that the item is ‘fragile'.


□ Time of completion
It takes about three weeks to receive the item.


□ Address for sending the shamisen
1-15-20, Higashinaebo 6jo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Ezon Music Ltd.