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■Shamisen practice book by Sayo Komada ( Japanese )

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【Specifications】 84 pages.

【Classification】Stringed instruments|Taisho koto, erhu, Tsugaru shamisen

【Instrument] l】Shamisen

【AuthorSayo Komada


A must-have book for anyone who wants to learn to play the Tsugaru shamisen in a cool way!

This is the definitive Tsugaru shamisen instruction book by up-and-coming shamisen player Hayayo Komada. Komada has been familiar with the Tsugaru shamisen since she was a child, and has held the titles of 'Tsugaru Shamisen Japan No.1' and 'Tsugaru Shamisen World Tournament'. Looking back on the time when she first started playing the instrument, she said that she wanted an instructional book and sheet music that she could enjoy more, and this book was created with this in mind.

In addition to 'sanshin notation' (cultural notation) for the shamisen, 'tablature' familiar to guitarists and ukulele players is used for pop songs with complex rhythms. The intuitive and easy-to-understand notation eliminates the need to be afraid of sheet music!

With model performance videos as well as instructional videos to support your practice, this is a substantial book that will keep you going without giving up.



Part 1 Getting to know the Tsugaru shamisen!

Part 2 Preparing the Tsugaru Shamisen!

Part 3 Tuning the strings!

Part 4 Playing the Tsugaru Shamisen!

Part 5 Reading the score

Part 6 Learn the techniques of playing the Tsugaru shamisen! -Sukui, Hajiki

Part 7 Learn the techniques of playing the Tsugaru shamisen! -Pressing the plectrum

Part 8 Know the techniques of playing! -Suri, Uchi, Yuri

Part 9 Combining techniques

Part 10 Working on a piece of music!



Sakura Sakura / Kokirikobushi / Lupin III Theme '78 / Shonen Jidai / Shimanchu Nu Takara / Ussewa / Soranbushi / Shin Jidai / ultra soul / Senbon Zakura / Keisei Gyakuten / Kaibutsu / Wanokuni Makuake / Megitsune / Rokuchonen to ichiya monogatari / Tsugaru Jongara Bushi


【About the author】


Born in 1999. Started playing Tsugaru shamisen at the age of 7, min'yo at 10 and nagauta shamisen and nagauta at 16. Graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2022, and was awarded the name KINEYA Goshikoma in 2023. Currently, he performs throughout Japan, challenging various genres from classical to original and contemporary pieces, and attracting support from a wide range of audiences. When she was a junior high school student, she invented the foot drum as an original instrument, using her feet to manipulate the drum. In addition to her storytelling, she also performs three roles on stage using the foot drum. She has three training centres in Mie, Kyoto and Tokyo.


【著者】駒田 早代


その1 津軽三味線を知る!
その2 津軽三味線を準備する!
その3 調弦をする!
その4 津軽三味線を弾く!
その5 楽譜を読む!
その6 演奏技法を知る!-スクイ、ハジキ
その7 演奏技法を知る!-押し撥
その8 演奏技法を知る!-スリ、打ち(ウ)、ユリ
その9 技の組み合わせ
その10 楽曲に取り組む!

さくら さくら/こきりこ節/ルパン三世のテーマ'78/少年時代/島人ぬ宝/うっせぇわ/ソーラン節/新時代/ultra soul/千本桜/形勢逆転/怪物/ワノ国 幕開け、幕引きのテーマ/メギツネ/六兆年と一夜物語/津軽じょんがら節

駒田 早代(こまだ・さよ)