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B17 Sho Asano Original Faux Bekko Bachi

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Sho Asano original Faux Bekko Bachi

Sho Asano SSN1


Sho Asano's original model bachi, which is packed with the elements necessary for an ideal tone, based on Sho Asano's own research.

The balance of the centre of gravity, the thickness of the faux bekko and the opening of the tip of the plectrum are first-class products, made in the same way as the plectrums that Sho Asano usually uses. A powerful sound is achieved even when the player relaxes and swings down with just the weight of the bachi! In addition to its power, this model can reproduce Asano's soft touch and is recommended for both beginners and advanced players.

Would you like to play with the bachi of Sho Asano, who is active not only in Japan but also all over the world?

A gem not to be missed.


 Comment from Masahiro

The bachi is thick and heavy, so it is designed for punchy and powerful playing.

The hardness is about normal, so it has a sharp, hard sound rather than a soft sound.

The sound has a fast rising bass and treble.

For beginners, the weight of the bachi may cause fatigue in the wrist at first, but it is also attractive for its ability to produce a loud sound with a light swing.

For advanced players, the sound is even more powerful.

浅野 祥オリジナル鼈甲調バチ
商品名【Sho Asano SSN1