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B09 Oyama Yutaka Original Bachi 【YO001】

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Oyama Yutaka original fake bekko bachi

Product name 【 YO001 】
An original model that is easy to handle even for women and children.
It is compact and lightweight, and can be used for fast tempos and detailed phrases, as well as for flexible phrases by retaining the curve of the bachi tip.
 【 YO001 】bachi is a superlative bachi that Yutaka Oyama has studied and researched through sessions with various instruments all over the world, and it is a bachi that can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals!

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小山豊オリジナル 鼈甲調バチ

商品名 【YO001】

世界中で様々な楽器とセッションを行いYutaka Oyamaが研究に研究を重ね仕上がった超一品のバチの【YO001 Bachi】