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Okedou Taiko 1.5 sun

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This taiko is made of quarter-sawn cedar wood, assembled in the shape of a tub, and strapped to the leather with ropes.

The sound pressure can be adjusted relatively easily by the tension of the rope. It is often played in folk arts and Shinto rituals, and a bamboo bachi is suitable.


杉の柾目板を桶状に組んでロープで革を締めた太鼓。 杉の柾目板を桶状に組んでロープで革を締めた太鼓で、ロープの張り具合によって比較的容易に音圧調整ができます。 民族芸能や神事で打たれることが多く、バチは竹バチが適しています。