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Nagadou Taiko 1 shyaku 4 sun

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This taiko is made from a single piece of wood, cut from a log and hollowed out inside, and lined with a single piece of cowhide and fastened with studs.

The taiko is called nagadou-daiko because its body is longer than its caliber, but it is also called miya-daiko because it is used at shrines and other places.


原木を玉切り(輪切り)して中をくり抜いた一木づくりで、牛の一枚革を張って鋲で留めた太鼓です。 口径より胴の長さが長いことから「長胴太鼓」といいますが、神社などでも使われるので「宮太鼓」とも呼ばれています。