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1 AA9 【EF-Sanrere01】Sanrere econdhand 【Ezofuji SALE】

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An Okinawan musical instrument, a mix of the sanshin and the ukulele! 'Sanrere'.
The body is a ukulele but with three strings. The frets have been modified to match the scale of the Okinawan sanshin. You can play it just like you play the sanshin!

Sanrere Umi Ashibi
The world's first! Waterproof sanshin!
Can be played outdoors at the beach, in the river or on rainy days. Outdoor musical instrument!

The wood part of the Sanrere Umi Ashibi is waterproof and the body is made of acrylic.
It is a musical instrument that is safe even when wet.
You can enjoy playing the instrument near water, such as at the beach, pool or riverside.

How about using it in summer for camping and playing?




サンレレ Umi Asobi

●サンレレUmi Ashibiは木部分は防水加工、ボディはアクリル製で、