Ezofuji Shamisen Reuse

Ezofuji Shamisen Reuse

Ezofuji Shamisen Reuse


Do you have a shamisen you want to sell?

At ezofuji japan, we support you in passing on your beloved shamisen to the next owner.

We will support you in connecting your beloved shamisen to the next owner.


For example,


① Items that are no longer used because you have bought a new shamisen.


② Items that you want someone else to use because the number of shamisen you own has increased and you need to sort them out.


③ If you want to sell the ones you own because you want to use the funds to buy a new shamisen.


We will support you to the maximum extent possible.




Flow of opening a shop

① Exhibitor request → Information confirmation, close inspection of the instrument (check for malfunctions, etc.) → Start selling the instrument on ezofuji.

Flow of selling

② Contact sale ( payment already made to Ezofuji ) → shipping to the requester → completion of payment to the exhibitor ( after confirmation of arrival )

For more information, please contact us.



Ezofuji 三味線リユース



Ezofuji japanでは皆様が大切に使った三味線を













■ 出店の流れ

① exhibitor依頼情報確認、楽器精査(故障などが無いかの確認)→ezofujiに出店開始

■ 売却の流れ

② 売却連絡(Ezofujiに入金済み)→ 依頼者への発送→ exhibitorへ入金完了(到着確認後)




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