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【EF-0008】Used Tsugaru shamisen

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Used Tsugaru shamisen, Karin, mitsuori, kakusawari, synthetic leather on both sides  

This shamisen is made of old fashioned Karin wood,  mitsuori with marusawari.

The nature of the wood is not too hard and not too soft, it is a standard wood.

The weight of the shamisen is medium as it is an old Karin. Karins are generally not that heavy, but old wood is very dense, so this is a gem!

 It has the characteristic mid-range of Karin, and as it is used, it is dry and has a mild sound at its best.

 This shamisen has a good low and mid range and is easy on the wrist when striking the bachi.

 The leather is made of synthetic resin on both sides.

 It's not so easy to find nowadays, but it used to be available in the past. Play it with a wooden bachi and you'll be transported back in time!

There is a difference in the characteristics between the modern and the old style Karins. In the old days, the wood was denser and harder.


[ note ]

 Koma is not included in this product. Please purchase individual koma if required.



中古 津軽三味線 花梨 三つ折り 角さわり 両面合成皮

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