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AA Cardboard Kokyu

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The "Cardboard  Shamisen" has been rearranged into a kokyu!
The kokyu's function as a musical instrument has been retained, but in a form that is even more affordable and easy to play.
A little something to talk about, eh? You can enjoy it right from the day you receive it.


※ Bows are sold separately.
※ Size.
Sao / Itomakis: laminated wood
Total length: 68.3 cm
Dou (box) size: length 17 cm, width 15 cm
Ito : silk thread ( 1 no ito: 16-1, 2 no ito: 14-2, 3 no ito: 12-3)
Koma (material): cherry or pine





胴(BOX)のサイズ:縦 17㎝ 横 15㎝
糸 絹糸(一の糸:16-1 ニの糸:14-2 三の糸:12-3)