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★Shamisen Koma★

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There are various komas made of bamboo and wood.

1. Take
Standard take koma.
The sound is soft.

2. Irikiba
Standard bamboo and bone koma.
Low tones are produced but high tones are softer.

3. Irikiba Kouki 
Standard Kouki koma.
The wood is hard and the sound is well balanced.

4. Irikiba Funagata
Powerful high pitched sound.

5. Uwakiba
This koma has a fast rise in treble notes and an optimal sense of balance.
Ezofuji Recommended.

6. Uwakiba Susu
This is an optimal koma with a good balance of bass and treble and sharpness of treble.

7. Uwakiba Kouki
This koma has a high quality feel and a good balance of bass and treble.

8. Uwakiba Snakewood
This koma is made from unusual wood.
The pattern has a luxurious feel.
The sound is more bass-oriented and the treble is not too hard, a mixture of a slightly old-fashioned and modern sound.

9. Uwakiba Kouki Funagata
Low and high pitched firmness.

10. Special No.1
This koma has excellent sound extraction and excellent balance.

11. special No.2
This koma has an interesting shape but produces firm bass and delicate treble.

12. Shinobikoma
This koma can mute the sound.
Ideal for practising in flats.