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X11 High quality Nail Clipper made in Japan

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Nail care is vital when playing the shamisen.
Nail clippers are a necessity for shamisen players, so how about one?

【 Revolutionary nail clipper 】

 The nail clipper is designed so that nails do not fly off, so the contents do not fly off when you throw away the clipped nail pieces, as is the case with conventional nail clippers.

【 Light force to cut 】

 The blades have been adjusted so that they can be cut with light force, so you will not be frustrated by poor sharpness like with cheap nail clippers.

【 Design with a sense of luxury 】
 The stylish design gives a luxurious feel and blends in well with your interior design.

【 File adopted by high-class beauty salons 】
 The file is adopted from those used in high-class beauty salons and is just the right coarse file for sharpening nails.